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Introducing SoaR Islands of Nyne

Posted by Mustafa Aijaz on

ion announce

We are thrilled to announce that SoaR will be taking part in the Islands of Nyne Spring 2018 Invitational hosted by Mainline. With this invite, we set a goal for ourselves and sought after some of the best players on the early-access title to bring home the victory for the SoaR family. We are excited to welcome Jonathan Gameface Kaplewicz, Daniel Wild Ramirez & Ted Iridium Smith to the SoaR Islands of Nyne roster. 

What is Islands of Nyne?

"Even as the shooter continues to enjoy its decades-long reign as the most visible genre in gaming, the once-diverse form has started to fade into ever-diminishing shades of military taupe, largely in imitation of Call of Duty. Islands of Nyne hearkens back to the days of the Halo and Crysis, when realistic weaponry could gel with outsized concepts like power armor or moon-gravity jumping. But to hear project lead Rob Logan tell it, it isn’t these sci-fi classics that most influence ION; rather, it’s the shooter that first struck the ideal balance between the bombastic arena shooter and the real thing: Counter-Strike." - Read more on the Rolling Stones

The roster is comprised of

“I am honored to be given the opportunity to represent SoaR Gaming for Islands of Nyne! I’m beyond hyped to compete with the team and to show the scene what we have to offer.”

Jonathan Gameface Kaplewicz Twitter | Twitch

"I'm really excited to represent SoaR for the new and upcoming Battle Royale, Islands of Nyne. I believe with the current lineup we have, we will be a force to be reckoned with."

Daniel Wild Ramirez Twitter | Twitch

"I'm super stoked to return to SoaR after representing them in the early Rocket League competitive scene. Now, with the growing Islands of Nyne competitive scene, my amazing teammates and I will be doing our best do bring home multiple Ws for this organization."

 Ted Iridium Smith Twitter | Twitch

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