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Introducing SoaR Rainbow 6 Siege team

Posted by SoaR Gaming on


We have officially acquired a competitive Rainbow Six Siege team to compete in ESL's Season 3 Pro League.

Rainbow Six is a tactical strategy based FPS, perfectly suited for the esports community.

The team kicked off their first game of Season 3 on Monday night with a set against NA’s Onslaught Esports. The match ended in a 1-1 split, showcasing incredible talent from both teams. As the season moves on we hope to progress, and assert ourselves as one of the top competitive Xbox Rainbow Six Siege teams in North America.

The team, formerly known as eLevate consists of:

Redeemer (Captain) - Twitch Twitter
Vandal (Support Slayer) - Twitch Twitter
Neptunez (OBJ Roamer) - Twitch Twitter
Breezy (Slayer) - Twitch Twitter
Titon (OBJ) - Twitch Twitter

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