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Moving to the United States

Posted by Michael Maknojia on


Living in New Zealand across the world from the people you work with on a daily basis can be quite the inconvenience. Oliver Bauer, a management member and content creator for SoaR Gaming, also better known as SoaR Bowzah, has been on a journey of trying to live in America for the past year.

Oliver saw how the SoaR House in Atlanta operated and quickly realized his life could change forever if he was able to live there permanently. Due to Oliver being close friends with all members of the house from their collaborative gaming-based past, he was offered a spot in the house and decided to pursue the possibility of getting a work visa to make his dream a reality.

With the collaborative efforts from SoaR, Oliver, and GFuelEnergy, we've been setting up Oliver's future on bringing him to the SoaR House. 

"I've been trying to get a work visa since the day I was offered a spot in the SoaR House back in December and have been paving the path to my life-changing moment. I've been working with an amazing company to make my dream a reality and have been making incredible progress with them. I have never been more eager and excited for something in my entire life, and cannot wait to pack my bags in New Zealand to fly across the world to change my life forever."

You can find Bowzah streaming and post to his channels daily here:

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