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Introducing New SoaR Gear

Posted by Elliott Smith on


SoaR is pleased to announce the addition of the SoaR GFUEL Shaker Cup, as well as the addition of the SoaR Scuf Controllers to our already extensive product line.

Scuf Gaming produces controllers that players can customize, both in design and function, to suit their personal play style and thus enhance their gameplay. The addition of the SoaR controller to both Scuf and SoaR’s product line now allows gamers to soar high into the upper echelons of the scoreboard with the new branded, customizable controller.

SoaR fans and players alike can now also recharge with the SoaR GFuel Shaker Cup. GFuel is produced with natural ingredients, so consumers can rest easy knowing that they’re only putting natural ingredients into their body. With GFUEL’s natural ingredients and SoaR’s brand new shaker cup, you will be able to soar through your daily activities with ease thanks to the energy boost.

Elliott "Smitt" Smith, Managing Director of SoaR Gaming, had this to say:

I am so excited to finally unveil these two new products that have been in the works for the past few months. It's so awesome to see the positive feedback and excitement everyone has been giving for both of these launches. I highly recommend picking these up for anyone who's looking for a new controller or restocking on some GFUEL.

Expect even more awesome SoaR products coming over the next few months!

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