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New Faces in SoaR Management

Posted by Elliott Smith on


We at SoaR Gaming are thrilled to officially welcome Anthony ‘Youtubable’ Joosten and Hantao ‘Hantao’ Yuan to the SoaR Gaming family. They will be filling the positions of Chief Talent Officer and Chief Strategic Officer, respectively. Having always strived to be the best in everything gaming, both Youtubable and Hantao will be helping with the growth and development of SoaR.

I have been a director and streamer for SoaR Gaming for almost 2 years and most recently business development at Streamcraft. Also, having been a YouTube content creator for the past 6 years, amassing over 1,000,000 subscribers & 146,000,00 views enables me to divulge in talent analyzation. With my passion for gaming and business, I am excited and thankful to announce I will be entering the SoaR Gaming management team as Chief Talent Officer. I am looking forward to assisting to shape the growing SoaR Gaming organization and empower our talented content creators and streamers.

- Anthony 'Youtubable' Joosten, Chief Talent Officer



A lot of my work was previously in collegiate esports, acting previously as president for UBC esports. Then I moved on to open gaming arenas, with one of UBC's sponsors. Now, I'm currently handling partner management for Streamcraft, and create cost-effective marketing campaigns for brands at Uconnect Esports. As the Chief Strategic Officer, I'll be wearing many hats, while creating strategies for structure, business, content, and more - to shape the future and vision of what SoaR Gaming means to the community. With SoaR being one of the most well-known brands in gaming entertainment, I look forward to helping it grow and solving the challenges that come ahead.

- Hantao 'Hantao' Yuan, Chief Strategic Officer

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Established in 2011, SoaR Gaming is one of the world's largest gaming organizations. We have built a strong foundation in the scenes of Esports & YouTube. Currently, we compete in worldwide gaming tournaments and create videos on YouTube that reach audiences all across the world. We have ventured out into several games such as Call of Duty, Smite, CS:GO, Halo, & many more. Our social media outlets have accumulated millions of followers and we strive to only secure millions more. We aim to establish a more dominant presence in the world of gaming with no limitations.

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