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Re-establishing SoaR Rainbow 6

Posted by SoaR Gaming on

After our performance in S3 Pro League and unfortunate roster changes, we have decided it would be in our best interest to release the previous roster and welcome fresh faces to our organization. Everyone in SoaR agreed that the Rainbow 6 community is something we want to remain a part of, and we are proud to announce our new roster for Season 4.

The roster consists of 

"The whole team is very excited to be teaming up with SoaR as we make our mark in the Rainbow 6 competitive community, me especially considering I was an original SoaR Trickshotter back in the MW2 era. Everyone on the team has been a part of the R6 community since the game came out one year ago so we hope with our experience we can show that we are the team to beat in the upcoming Rainbow 6 Invitational and future ESL R6 Pro League seasons." - Sam Breezy Lassila - Team Captain

We are very excited to have them compete under SoaR and we cannot wait for what the future has in store. You can watch SoaR Gaming compete in the Rainbow 6 Invitational Final Cup NA hosted by ESL this coming Sunday!

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