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Re-introducing SoaR H1Z1

Posted by Jonah Raj on


In February, SoaR Gaming announced the acquisition of a competitive H1Z1 roster. The roster, which consisted of LyndonFPS, Waziti, TTraced, Tooley and Cam would go on to represent SoaR at the H1Z1 Fight For The Crown tournament. The tournament was a big step for H1Z1 as a game and as an esport, and for SoaR as an organization. We feel that there is a tremendous amount of potential in this game as an esport due to the different elements and aspects that come into play in the game.

The tournament was a growth opportunity for the H1Z1 game, the players participating and the organizations involved, due to the exposure on national television. 

After the H1Z1 Fight for the Crown event, due to internal issues, we decided it would be in our best interest to part ways with our roster. We would like to thank the initial roster for their representation of SoaR, and wish them nothing but success in their future endeavors. After the departure of the roster, SoaR management worked hard to put together a roster that they felt would take SoaR to the next level competitively.

Therefore, SoaR would like to officially welcome the following members to the H1Z1 team. We are incredibly excited to announce this new iteration of the roster, and we look forward to what is in store with this new lineup:

RhinoQ, the team captain, stated that...

I feel really good about our new team, we've been playing a lot working on specifics, but our synergy is 100% with the people on the roster. I'm really excited to show our power at LAN and prove ourselves as the best team in the game.

The lineup consists of

Ryan “RhinoQ” Cornwell (Captain) | Twitch • Twitter
Justin “Teenage” Phipps (IGL) | Twitch • Twitter
Tanner “Rogue” Trebb | Twitch • Twitter
Jason “xer1an” Robey | Twitch • Twitter
Kyle “Kyraig” Craig | Twitch • Twitter
Gabriel “Gabeismon” Brunelle | Twitch • Twitter

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