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Scuf Gaming has introduced a new product to their line: The Scuf Impact Controller. The Scuf Impact offers an entirely new experience from other controllers and from other Scuf products, as described below.

The Scuf Impact includes four removable paddles that are recessed into the back of the controller body. These paddles allow gamers to keep their thumbs on the thumbsticks while using the back paddles to perform advanced moves. Due to the fact that the paddles are recessed into the controller, they are now easier to reach and are designed with grooves and curves to support your fingertips.

The Scuf Impact also includes electromagnetic remapping (EMR) technology. The electromagnetic mag key is used for quick remapping of any of the back peddles to face any button. All that is required is the key, and a simultaneous push of the desired paddle and the desired button that is going to be bound to said paddle. Convenient remapping is definitely a bonus.

Scuf has also introduced a new cable retention system, which is essentially where the cavity housing ensures that the Scuf USB cable is secure and tight, which generally improves the lifespan of the USB connection. This is largely beneficial for wired connectivity, which will ensure uninterrupted gameplay. The Impact also offers wireless connectivity through Bluetooth.

Interchangeable thumbsticks, which are designed to improve accuracy and control are also a feature of the Impact. These allow you to switch up thumbsticks in mere seconds with the ring and lock system. These thumbsticks also provide an increased surface area for thumbs to grip.

The ring and lock system is where the rings securely lock the thumbsticks in place, so they don’t fall out. They are designed with a self-lubricating material, which ensures flawless gliding for all kinds of gameplay, no matter if it is casual or intense.

The Impact includes a trigger control system. The quick shift trigger stops unnecessary trigger movement past the activation point, which makes it great for shooter games. The control system also features an adjustable hair trigger, which allows users to make the weapon fire a one tap process, and it is done by eliminating unnecessary latency. Finally, the control system includes covers and extenders, which are fully removable and easy to clip onto triggers. These allow for accuracy improvement and hand comfort.

Finally, the Scuf Impact includes a military grade Scuf grip, which is essentially a textured, non-slip surface, and is ideal for long gaming sessions.

General had tried the Scuf Impact out for himself, and offered a promising response after the fact:

The Scuf Impact controller is a completely re-engineered controller that fits better in my hands. The paddles allow me to do a bit extra without compromising my thumbstick grip.The EMR technology is great for remapping buttons which makes it easier to do the extra I need in my game without much hassle.
The thumbstick system has greatly improved my accuracy, and the trigger control system makes shooting so much better. These features go hand in hand, and it’s amazing. 
The non-slip surface of the grip is amazing too. It doesn’t matter how long I’m playing for, my grip will always be the same.

Although the Scuf Impact offers a brand new experience, General likened it to an older controller:

It makes me feel like I’m playing with the Xbox 360 controller, which was one of my favorite controllers ever made.


I highly recommend the SCUF Impact controller to anyone that is looking to upgrade their controller experience.



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