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Second Place at Dreamhack

Posted by SoaR Gaming on

second-place2 weeks ago at Dreamhack in Sweden SoaR's PC Smite and Paladins teams both placed Second.

Both teams went through difficult obstacles but they persevered and made it to the finals. On the first day of the event, Our SMITE team played Paradigm a team that has qualified for almost every smite LAN in competitive history, SoaR took the series by storm defeating Paradigm 2-0.

The following day SoaR played Enemy in the semi finals after a fantastic display. Enemy took a 1-0 lead over SoaR. SoaR smite kept motivated and convincingly beat Enemy in the next two games making the series 2. In game 4, Enemy came out victorious forcing it to a game 5 where SoaR took the lead to take them to the finals. In the finals SoaR faced off against European powerhouse Panthera. They unfortunately took the series 3-0 and winning the SMITE masters finals.

“I feel really good, we’ve done really well at the only LAN we’ve been to and that just bodes well for the future events” said Baskin

On the other hand SoaR Paladins team also placed second. They started off the event against Warpath. In game 1, Warpath took the lead making the series 1-0 but SoaR pushed through and ended up taking the series 3-1 advancing them to the finals. SoaR matched up against District69 in the finals, District69 unfortunately took the series 3-0 making them Paladians champions.

“I think we have a nice list of personality to promote SoaR and yes we plan to go to future events to promote SoaR the brand and sponsors.” said PCack

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