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SoaR on H1Z1: Fight for the Crown

Posted by Jonah Raj on

15 teams will compete for a prize pool of $300,000 on Thursday, the 20th of April at 10 pm EST on the CW network.

H1Z1: King Of The Kill is headed to television. On April 20th at 10 pm EST, the tournament, which was recorded in front of a live studio audience in downtown Los Angeles will air on the CW. This is the first offline H1Z1 tournament that will feature strictly professional teams. “H1Z1: Fight For The Crown” subsequently consists of 15 teams, that will fight it out in one game for their share of a $300,000 prize pool.

The SoaR Gaming roster will compete against other premier esports organizations such as Echo Fox, Rogue, Panda Global, Denial Esports, Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, Luminosity, and Enigma6, as well as teams such as Team Gates, Obey, Set To Destroy, Strictly Business World’s Best Gaming and Ohio Rebels.

This is the first H1Z1 event where professional teams are involved, and as an esport develops, players will be found and roles will need to be developed within a team. To gauge out how the SoaR team was set up, some of the team members were kind enough to provide insight into how the SoaR roster operates.

The starting line up comprises of
*Patrick Tooley Lambert 
Nick Waziti Waseleski
Matthew TTraced Courchene
Lyndon Lyndon Lauder
Reed Cam Roberts


Cam is the shot caller. When speaking to Cam, he stated that:

“I am the shot caller of the team. However, everyone on the team plays a part in the calling depending on the scenario.”
Cam’s area of expertise is crisis calling, as he elaborates:
“I am more of a crisis caller, so whenever something bad is happening, that’s where I shine the most.”
The team captain, Patrick, plays more of a supporting role:
“As team captain, I sit back, give call outs and play around my team. I utilize grenades and push up to lay down cover fire whenever they need it.
The SoaR H1Z1 roster also boasts Waziti, a rather versatile player:
“My play style, along with most of my team is pretty passive aggressive. If I have shots and can eliminate someone on the other team without putting myself or my team in a bad situation, I will take them. I also am there to support my teammates whenever we’re in a pinch.”
The SoaR Gaming roster is seemingly filled with versatility, and in a game like H1Z1, where anything can happen, versatility is likely the key to success. 

Leading up to the event, Crude offered a few words about the team’s progress, and H1Z1 being on national television:

"I am extremely proud of our team and the progress they've made leading up to the Fight for the Crown tournament. I'm looking forward to SoaR being part of the first-ever major H1Z1 5s tournament, and being represented on national television!"


By: Jonah 'Incise' Raj, Writer for SoaR Gaming

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