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SoaR Recruitment Challenge 2018

Posted by Elliott Smith on


It's that time of the year again. The SoaR Recruitment Challenge is back!

Every summer, we give our supporters and community a chance to join the team with a recruitment challenge. It's always a great way for us to find talent that usually goes unseen. We're always very humbled to see how many people are willing to put in the work to join the team and love to see the support everyone else gives each other. Good luck to everyone participating this year and we hope to see you soon!

For all of the info on all the guidelines and how to participate, watch the full in-depth video on our YouTube channel.


Graphic by @PajiFX


Established in 2011, SoaR Gaming is one of the world's largest gaming organizations. We have built a strong foundation in the scenes of Esports & YouTube. Currently, we compete in worldwide gaming tournaments and create videos on YouTube that reach audiences all across the world. We have ventured out into several games such as Call of Duty, Smite, CS:GO, Halo, & many more. Our social media outlets have accumulated millions of followers and we strive to only secure millions more. We aim to establish a more dominant presence in the world of gaming with no limitations.

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