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SoaR Recruitment Challenge 2019

Posted by Mustafa Aijaz on

SoaR is live with the annual SoaR Recruitment Challenge. An open contest to ALL sorts of creators ranging from gaming all the way to designing and editing. Can you SoaR? This is your chance to be signed and take your craft to the next level. 

Every summer, we give our supporters and community a chance to join the team with a recruitment challenge. It's always a great way for us to find talent that usually goes unseen. We're always very humbled to see how many people are willing to put in the work to join the team and love to see the support everyone else gives each other. Good luck to everyone participating this year and we hope to see you soon!

For all of the info on all the guidelines and how to participate, watch the full in-depth video on our YouTube channel.


Due - August 5th, 2019

Any Questions tweet

Downloads -

Players & Content Creators:
- Use #SoaRRC in the description of your videos

Twitch Streamers
- Stream with the #SoaRRC in your stream title

Content Editors
- Unlimited Entries
- Any game/length
- CoD, Fortnite, PC, anything
- vlogs, funny moments, highlights, etc
- Integrate SoaR logo in video
- Use #SoaRRC in Posts

Anything Else (Photography, Videography, etc.)
Submit and use #SoaRRC in Posts

SoaR Recruitment Challenge 2019

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