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SoaR SMITE Roster Changes

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As announced in the past weeks, Tyler 'Hurriwind' Whitney and Alexander 'Homiefe' D'Souza are no longer a part of the SoaR Smite team. Although the team was successful enough to place 2nd at Dreamhack, the internal atmosphere was growing increasingly problematic. Ultimately, it was agreed that changes were necessary and we parted ways. We would like to express our gratitude towards Hurriwind and Homiefe for their dedication to SoaR throughout the successful Spring Split. As a result of these changes, Evan 'Snoopy' Jones and Andrew 'andinster' Woodward will be stepping in as the new mid laner and jungler, respectively. 

Snoopy began his Smite career in Season 1 as the ADC for Cognitive Red, winning 3 North American regionals in a row and going on to place 3rd at the first Smite World Championship. Going into Season 2, the team changed organizations to Team SoloMid, finishing 1st in the Spring Split and winning the Summer regionals. Although he is widely known for his dominating performances as an ADC, Snoopy has always wanted an opportunity to play mid. Given his drive and pre-existing synergy with the team members from having played with Jigz, Baskin, and andinster in the past, we are excited to watch Snoopy grow in his new role throughout the Fall Split.

"I'm very excited to be a part of this amazing team. I've been friends with all the players on the roster and can't wait to prove myself as a mid laner with the help of these great guys. We've been showing very good results in scrims over the past weeks and we've really hit the ground running. My favourite aspect of this team is that each individual player has one of the highest if not the highest skill ceilings in their respective roles and are constantly improving. With that in mind I expect us to do incredibly well in this upcoming split." - Evan 'Snoopy' Jones

Andinster is no stranger to the Smite Pro League. Having won the first Smite World Championship under Cognitive Prime, he is well known for his mechanical prowess, shotcalling, and his aggressive outplay-oriented playstyle. Having played with both Baskin and Snoopy on past teams, he immediately synergizes extremely well with the rest of the team's playstyle.

With the upcoming Epsilon Invitational and SPL Fall Split, we have high hopes that these changes will push SoaR to the next level and take back the trophy for North America. Please join us in welcoming both of these incredible players to the SoaR family.

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