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Re-establishing SoaR Warcraft

Posted by SoaR Gaming on

After competing in the Road to Blizzcon Qualifiers, we have decided it would be in our best interest to release the previous roster. However, leaving the World of Warcraft community was not something we were wanting to do, we are proud to announce our new and fresh roster.

The roster consists of 

"We're all really excited to be a part of SoaR. We're pretty indestructible together and it's great to have an organization backing us to really allow us to excel and focus on improving as a team. A couple of our players have been more "underground" players so we're excited to have soar help bring them into the spotlight. WoW e-Sports has been brought back into the spotlight thanks to the folks at GCDTV, who now lead the charge over at Blizzard eSports. We all think WoW's e-sport prime is up and coming so we're excited to be leading the charge with our team and SoaR." - SoaR Aveng

We are very excited to have them compete under SoaR and we cannot wait for what the future has in store. You can watch SoaR Gaming compete in the Road to Blizzcon Qualifiers hosted by GCDTV.


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