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Introducing SoaR Rocket League

Posted by SoaR Gaming on

SoaR Rocket League

SoaR Gaming would like to introduce our Rocket League roster. We'd like to introduce Ted 'Iridium' Smith, Daniel 'Aeon' Dunfee, Ryan 'Sham' Keith, Benjamin 'NoxPheonix' McCain, and Stephen 'Stev' Edinger to the SoaR Gaming lineup. Rocket League® is a futuristic Sports-Action game, in which players are equipped with booster-rigged vehicles for a high-octane re-imagining of football and is growing each day being one of the most entertaining game to spectate. We are excited to be a part of the push towards eSports for this game and are excited to see our newly formed squad kill it in tournaments and events!

"Our Rocket League team is very excited to be representing SoaR in the growing Rocket League esports scene. We hope to continue perfecting our chemistry and working together to make SoaR one of the top teams in Rocket League." - Ted Iridium Smith, SoaR Rocket League Player

Ted Iridium Smith
Daniel Aeon Dunfee
Ryan Sham Keith
Benjamin NoxPhoenix McCain
Stephen Stev Edinger

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