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SteelSeries' commitment to eSports

Posted by SoaR Gaming on

SoaR Dilly, World of Warcraft Pro and Streamer for SoaR Gaming recently expressed his appreciation for SteelSeries products. Here's what he had to say.

Siberia 200: Extremely comfortable design. Prolonged hours of usage do not bother me like other headphones. Mic and Audio quality are very clean. I've had no issues with it, it's simple yet elegant.

QcK Heavy: Really great to use on uneven surfaces. It's the perfect mousepad if you want precision movements, if you're playing FPS or Moba games it's the best on the market.

Apex M500: Typing and playing on it feels amazing. It has a really durable build and is perfect for even the heaviest button mashing. I've gone through tons of mechnical keyboards, and none of them feel anywhere near as reliable and comfortable as the M500.

Sensei Raw: The best mouse I've ever used hands down. It's perfect for any game where your accuracy matters. It's got a great sensor, and it's design is extremely comfortable. It has everything you need in a mouse and if you're a competitive gamer I couldn't recommend anything else. By far my favorite product,

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