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New Residents of the SoaR House

Posted by Elliott Smith on

SoaR House

We’re super excited to share our newest members of the SoaR House. With 2019 approaching we wanted to step up our game with content. We’ve been slacking with videos and we’re hoping to change that with our newest additions to the house. Based in Atlanta, the SoaR House acts as an incubator for all SoaR creator and esports talent. Our goal with the house is to leverage SoaR talent to new heights and accelerate their growth.

Welcome both Oliver “Bowzah” Bauer and Tariq “Tahrick” Qureshi to the house! You all probably remember Bowzah from his entertaining vlogs featuring everyone from the house. He recently got his United States work visa approved a few weeks back and after a year long process we’re super excited to finally have him in America!


“I've been trying to get a work visa since the day I was offered a spot in the SoaR House back in December and have been paving the path to my life-changing moment. I've been working with an amazing company to make my dream a reality and have been making incredible progress with them. I have never been more eager and excited for something in my entire life, after flying from New Zealand to fly across the world I can’t wait to change my life forever.”

Oliver 'Bowzah' Bauer        

Production value is very important to us, and with Tahrick joining the house we’re excited for the future projects he will be making. Tahrick will be helping us with filming, editing and overall creating future videos for the SoaR socials as well as helping to create a fun and creative work environment. Be on the lookout for some awesome content coming to you all very soon!


“This is something I’ve been working towards behind the scenes for a considerable amount of time. I’ve had a passion for video work for the last ten years and will be contributing all of my creative energy to furthering SoaR as both an Esports organization and a lifestyle brand. Having worked on the video side of live & studio music work, I bring a different perspective that can allow those around me to grow and vice versa. Whether it be video work, marketing, public relations and so on, I will be working towards bettering any and all things SoaR.”

- Tariq 'Tahrick' Qureshi       

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