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SoaR Staff


Michael "Makz" Maknojia


Mustafa "Crudes" Aijaz

Executive Vice-President

Zach Hyman

Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Silverstein

Chief Operating Officer

Mike "Zynq" McEwen

General Manager

Patrik "fruit" Sund

Head of Content

Rish "Caesar" Leelo

Head of Design

Tariq "Tahrick" Qureshi

Post-Production Supervisor


Anthony "Youtubable" Joosten

Talent Manager

Paul "Kruzer" Cruz

Talent Manager

Marissa "riss" Novotny

Talent Manager

Marco "Medusa" Laroche

Talent Manager

Sam "Gotham" Cunha

Talent Manager

Alan "Ethos" Ruan

Talent Manager

Chad "Zephy" Pepper

Talent Manager

Lauren Valdivia

Community Manager